You Might Need a Root Canal if You Have These 5 Signs

You Might Need a Root Canal if You Have These 5 Signs

Root Canal Treatment

When people imagine getting a root canal in plantation, tamarac, hollywood, fl, the first thing that comes to mind is emergency. They think that they require an immediate operation. While even if emergency root canals therapy is done, there are many signs of warning before you need a visit to the endodontist. An endodontist is a tooth specialist who has a specialty in the inside of a tooth. If you experience any early signs of a decaying tooth, then do not avoid it and visit an endodontist. 

Root Canal Signs

The five symptoms indicating that you need root canal treatment 

Here is the list of the five signs that you may require a root canal in plantation.

  • Spontaneous pain

This might occur as sudden significant pain in the tooth for no proper reason, and it is entirely out of the blues. This is the most crucial point to be noted when you have a root canal because the tooth has been decayed to that extent where it has reached the nerves of the gums. 

Spontaneous tooth pain

Even a little exposure to the nerves can lead to severe pain. This pain can range in its severity, and it can also change in sensation as the person changes in positions, like bending over, sitting, etc. 

If you notice severe pain like this, which fluctuates with the position, make an appointment with an endodontist immediately. 

  • Pimples on the gums

It sounds different, but you will hear of many people who get pimples on their gums. The gums are fleshy, and having a pimple is not normal. The pimple will appear like a pus-filled boil on the gums, and the person may feel a very localized swelling, which indicates a tooth infection.

In some cases, these pimples will appear to decrease in size, and the person might think that it has been resolved, but never let this lull you into a fake sense of security. The growth will be seen again in some cases because the infection has still not gone. Such development should not be drained. Instead, get to your endodontist and let them know of the situation.

  • A darkened tooth 

The standard color of teeth is white or slightly yellowish, but if you notice a slight change in your tooth color compared to the rest of your teeth, like it has been darker, this could be a sign of infectious tooth or damage in the nerves of the tooth. Typically, you will notice that the tooth will take on a geisha cast. 

This is a sure indication of the person requiring a tooth treatment, so don’t ignore it and visit your endodontist as soon as possible.

  • Gum discomfort 

If you suffer from an infected tooth, it will typically cause discomfort to you in the gum tissues surrounding it. However, you may experience different types of pains. Some patients say they feel it like a relatively painless bump or a sort of knot in the gums. While in other patients, the swellings get so pronounced that they can be noticed outside the face. 

Some patients who have previously been diagnosed with gum disease in plantation, tamarac, hollywood, fl mistake this swelling as a part of gingivitis and ignore it or treat it in other ways. However, gum problems occur in the tissues immediately surrounding the tooth. 

You can identify the swelling indicating an infection as it originates away from the gum instantly around the visible tooth. So now, as you know that this is an indication of a tooth requiring a root canal, don’t waste your time and visit an endodontist.

  • Painful chewing

Here’s another symptom that most people mistake for something less severe. When you experience slight discomfort while having something sugary, it may be a sign of a cavity. Painful chewing or painful closing without consumption are some good reasons to meet up with your dentist immediately.  

How common is root canal therapy these days?

Well, according to the American Association of Endodontists, nearly 41,000 root canal therapy are performed in the US every day. So, this is instead a viral therapy, and people trust it and have noticed a positive difference after it. So don’t hesitate to book an appointment with your dentist and treat your teeth as soon as possible. 

How should one prepare for root canal therapy?

Before you get started on your root canal treatment, you can talk to your healthcare provider, who will give solutions to all your queries related to root canal and help you better understand the process. Below are a few things you can perform to prepare well for your treatment:

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  • Take every medication as prescribed to you – The endodontist will prescribe you some antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicines a few days before the appointment, especially if they see you have a lot of infection. 
  • Avoid smoking – The tobacco products disturb the body’s ability to heal itself. Try not to smoke many days before the root canal treatment and stop smoking if you can, as it is in every sense harmful.
  • Have a healthy diet – As the local anesthesia used by the endodontist will numb your mouth for a couple of hours, it will be beneficial for you to eat healthy prior to the treatment. 

Does a root canal hurt a lot?

People are scared of a root canal as many myths are related to it. They are afraid of the thought that it will be severely painful, but on the contradictory, this treatment is done to get relief from the dental pain, so there is no point in being scared of it. 

The leading cause of tooth pain is treated and removed in the procedure, so mostly, patients get instant relief from pain following the therapy. But if you still are facing some pain, then immediately contact your healthcare provider.

Bottom line

Though root canal treatment sounds too scary and painful, they are done to get rid of the pain. Those, as mentioned earlier, were the symptoms of your needing root canal therapy. So please don’t ignore these points and get to your endodontist and treat it as soon as possible. You can also check out the Ideal Smile Dental Care to get Hollywood dental care.

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