The Correct Way to Clean Your Teeth

The Correct Way to Clean Your Teeth

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Are you Brushing the same way since you were a kid? Let’s change it! Moving your brush left and right won’t clean your teeth. Ideally, you need to learn new techniques to get a better and brighter smile.

Keeping up with oral hygiene is a must because it ensures you have good breath and not tooth decay and gum problems. Not just this, but by having good oral health, you can also prevent many diseases. 

It is not just about health but also about looks. Cleaner teeth look beautiful and are healthier and perform their work better. So, these are the reasons why one’s oral health is so important. So, without further discussion, let’s learn the optimum technique to clean teeth to give you that Hollywood dental care and smile.

  • Brushing after each meal

This sort of sounds different but try to understand, that the first thing we do after waking up is to brush our teeth, and right after that, we eat our breakfast. This kind of cancels out the purpose of cleaning teeth. Now, as your teeth will remain dirty till you have your lunch, why not brush them after breakfast?

Family Brushing after each meal

By this, you are sure to have cleaned your teeth by the time you have your lunch. So, when talking of clean teeth, it is essential to keep your teeth as clean as possible for the longest time possible. 

  • 2-minute session of brushing teeth

The ideal length to brush your teeth is 2 minutes, no more, no less. For some people, 2 minutes might look like too much time giving for brushing, but by this, you can ensure that you are cleaning every part of your mouth.

If you think that keeping track of brushing time is hard for you, then play your favorite song along. This will lift your mood, and you will clean your mouth simultaneously.

  • Flossing

Most people use a toothbrush and tongue cleaner but skip the flossing part. We must understand that dental floss is essential as it cleans the area that brushing cannot and where most of the food debris sticks and builds up. 

So, dental floss can be used to remove that dirt from between your teeth. 

  • Apt brushing technique

Always keep your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle while brushing. This is the best angle to clean off bacteria, plague, and food debris inside your mouth. As now you know of the angle, the motion is also necessary. 

You must move your brush in circles at both horizontal and vertical motions, as it will take out the debris and clean your mouth perfectly. Or even if you visit a dental care center, they will tell you about the techniques to brush your teeth properly.

  • Soft bristle toothbrush

Check if your brush is too hard to touch because those bristles of the toothbrush can severely damage your gums. You must be thinking that your teeth are hard as a rock, but in reality, they are very fragile, and the stiff bristle of your brush can be pretty hard on them. This phenomenon is named traumatic tooth brushing.

Teeth cleaning with Soft bristle toothbrush

 So, wisely choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, so the softer it is, the better it will be on your teeth. The softer bristles are better at swiping off the dirt that builds up in your mouth, and it does not degrade your tooth material. 

  • Understand where you need to focus more

You must check your mouth and understand where you need to focus more. These areas can be your molar teeth bridges, dental implants, or braces. These are where plague gets built up quickly and hence requires more cleaning. 

If you question a dentist, they will inform you of the areas where you need to get a check-up. As said earlier, the dentist will also tell you about the techniques of ideally brushing your mouth.

  • Get an electric toothbrush

This might sound expensive but is of great use. These kinds of brushes have several beneficial features for many different people. Small kids or aged people can use these. You might even choose an electric brush over the conventional one because of the convenience as it gives a better result.

You must also choose the ones with soft bristles so as not to damage your teeth or gums.

  • Balance diet

You really won’t like to go to a dentist in Plantation, Hollywood & Tamarac fl, so it’s better to have a proper diet. Rather than eating a lot of chocolates and biscuits, it’s better to eat carrot or celery sticks as they contain less sugar and are advantageous for your teeth too. As you chew them, it will kindle brushing.

So, try to decrease sugar intake not just for your oral health but for your overall health. 

  • Regular check-ups

Even if you think you are the best at brushing your teeth, you still need to visit a dentist regularly. It is necessary to have a routine visit to the dentist as it ensures that you have a tip-top shape. 

Dental Checkup at Clinic in Plantation, Hollywood & Tamarac, FL

You might feel like you are doing the best for your teeth, but still, some points are neglected, so if this is the case with you too, you need to have an experienced dentist to look at your oral health.

Summing up

As of now, you know all the tricks and tips to get that Hollywood smile at home with just some simple brushing techniques. Remember that whichever method you use, the first and foremost thing is to get the soft bristle toothbrush to not be harsh on your teeth and brush in circular motions.

Even if you perform all the tips mentioned above, you still need to visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your overall oral health care and prevention are good. If you are looking for a dental care center, you must check out Ideal Smile Dental Care as they provide their customers with one of the best services. You can even check out their site online. By performing all these tasks, you can get your dental care in Plantation, Hollywood & Tamarac, FL quickly.