How Mercury Tooth Fillings May Damage Your Overall Health

How Mercury Tooth Fillings May Damage Your Overall Health

Mercury Tooth Fillings

Dental fillings are required to prevent tooth decay after it has begun and to preserve the tooth. The restorations can restore the bite’s functionality and strengthen the tooth’s structural integrity. Additionally, the filling can stop the tooth from erupting. 

Having good oral health is necessary not only for your oral well-being but also for your overall health. Good oral health increases confidence and brings positivity to your attitude. To know more about it, visit the dentist in plantation at tooth filling in plantation fl.  

Tooth Fillings

However, not every kind of feeling is friendly to our teeth. Some fillings like mercury tooth fillings may damage your tooth and oral health, further being a hindrance to your overall well-being. 

Because amalgam fillings are sturdy and offer long-lasting chewing surfaces, they are frequently used. They can be implanted more efficiently than some other forms of fillings, proving them handy when treating children. They are easier to install and generally last longer than other kinds of fillings.

What is Mercury Tooth Fillings?

A dental amalgam, sometimes also referred to as a mercury filling, is a type of substance used to restore cavities in teeth. Mercury and other metals are mixed to create a filling that is far more durable than typical composite resin filling. The back teeth, or molars, receive the most bite force and deteriorate. Hence, they are where it is most commonly utilized.

Mercury Tooth Fillings

To treat dental cavities, the decayed material is removed and then filled with a mercury filling or one of the more recent varieties of tooth-colored compound fillings. The location of the surface that needs to be fixed, the degree of the patient’s cooperation, and several other criteria affect the choice of filling materials.

Many dentists assert that mercury fillings are safe and appropriate for treating cavities. However, more about it can be learned from visiting tooth filling in Plantation, Tamarac, Hollywood Fl. 

One of the few metals with this characteristic is mercury, which is liquid at ambient temperature. It produces a firm, flexible filling that is soft enough to push into a tooth cavity when coupled with powdered metal alloys. The filling then forms a strong, hard seal that will aid in preventing degradation for years ahead once it has hardened. This kind of filling is undoubtedly quite robust. This is the reason for mercury being used in tooth fillings.

On the other side, it is vital to take note of the impact on the overall health before choosing mercury tooth fillings as a primary option. 

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Effects of mercury fillings on overall health

The safe level for having these kinds of fillings is unknown at tooth filling in Plantation, Hollywood, Tamarac fl. 

  • A tiny quantity of mercury from the fillings is released into the body each time you chew. Gum chewing is particularly harmful since it causes your body to absorb more mercury. The production of mercury vapors in your mouth is also encouraged by increased oral temperatures, such as when you consume hot coffee or tea. 
  • The consequences of mercury-filled fillings are terrifying. One of the main factors contributing to mercury toxicity is these fillings. Numerous issues, such as tremors, sleeplessness, migraines, and nerve damage, may result from this. Additionally, a dental tooth filling’s low-level discharge of mercury poisons into the body might cause long-term brain damage.
  • It is significant to remember that women who are or intend to become pregnant are more in danger. This is because it has been demonstrated that exposure to mercury has a terrible effect on children’s and unborn fetuses’ health resulting in permanent congenital disability or other issues.

Well, there is always a way to subdue the above health concerns by visiting tooth filling in Plantation, Hollywood, Tamarac, Fl.

Also, the dentist in plantation, hollywood, tamarac, Fl eliminating silver fillings and substituting them in an easy dental treatment with a non-toxic and safe substance presents no difficulties. The dentist has the expertise to finish the procedure because they are aware of how to replace silver amalgam fillings efficiently and securely. Your dentist will replace your silver fillings with composite resin fillings, which have many merits over mercury fillings. 

Dentist in Plantation

Dental-colored composite resin dental implants in plantation, hollywood, tamarac, Fl are entirely non-toxic. The fillers are recognized by dental insurance companies and don’t require significant tooth structure removal. Most significantly, composite fillers are practical to use in any area of your mouth and are long-lasting. If you have a mercury filling in the mouth, it is recommended to visit tooth filling in plantation, hollywood, tamarac, Fl and get them replaced at the earliest.


Mercury is poisonous to the body and should not be inside your mouth. High doses of mercury poisoning can even cause issues like impaired vision, hearing, speech, memory loss, skin infections, numbness in the hands and feet, poor coordination, and muscle aches. While mercury is in our mouth, when we eat something, a small amount of mercury is enough to cause harm to your body by gelling up with the food. 

Portions of mercury are vaporized when amalgam fillings are removed, and this vapor can build up in your lungs, harm your brain, and damage your kidneys. This is the rationale behind the growing trend among dentists to replace the outdated amalgam filling technique with safer resin composite putty.

Keeping your oral health in possession will eventually lead to good overall well-being. The likelihood that mercury will have a negative impact on your health increases the more you have mercury fillings in your teeth. Hurry! And visit the tooth filling in plantation, hollywood, tamarac, Fl to get the appropriate treatment before it’s too late. 

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