Dentures: Everything You Need to Know

Dentures: Everything You Need to Know



People who have lost their teeth due to facial injury, cavities, or gum disease, may need denture devices. When people hear dentures, there are a lot of questions about them like how they function, what kind of care they require, will they look natural or not, how will it improve oral health, and many more. We are here to provide you with all the necessary details about dentures to solve your queries and help you choose the right dentures.


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What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic appliances used to replace missing teeth and are supported by tissues of the oral cavity inside the mouth. Gaps created by missing teeth cause problems while speaking and eating. Also, the space created can affect the growth of the teeth beside the gap. In such cases, dentures are one such prosthetic device that can be helpful to deal with these problems.


Purpose of dentures

Dentures are not real teeth, but they can help in:

  • Chewing – Learning to eat with dentures on may take a week or two to feel natural. The chewing ability is eventually improved by using denture teeth.
  • Speaking – The pronunciation of words is affected when the teeth are missing. The anterior teeth (incisors, lateral incisors, and canines) facilitate a person’s speech, and its absence can make speaking difficult. 
  • Appearance – The natural appearance of the face is achieved when dentures replace the missing teeth to support the jawline.
  • Confidence boost – When the looks and speech are improvised, there is a boost in a person’s self-esteem while interacting socially. 

Types of dentures

There are mainly two types of dentures. They are as follows: Types of Dentures

  1. Complete dentures: Complete dentures are required when the patient has lost all the upper or/and lower teeth. They are also called complete dentures. These dentures are fitted in 8-12 weeks of extraction of the last tooth on the top of the gums and jaw bone.
  2. Partial dentures: Partial dentures are designed to fill the gaps created by some missing teeth. A pink color base is attached to a metal piece, and both of these pieces hold the dentures in place inside the mouth. Partial dentures are comfortable, removable, convenient, and prevent the other teeth from moving. They are made up of acrylic resin and porcelain.


Care to be taken while using dentures

Taking care of dentures includes considering the following points:

  • Don’t bend or damage the dentures while cleaning them.
  • Don’t take large bites of food, and avoid using tugging motion to chew your food as it may damage or crack the front dentures.
  • Remove and clean the leftover food in the dentures after eating.
  • Removing them and soaking them in water overnight is a good practice. Soaking the dentures in water keeps them flexible and elastic. Dentures are advised to be removed for at least 6 hours a day to help the recovery of tissues in the mouth. Put them in a special denture cleanser to prevent them from coming in contact with bacteria. 
  • Rinse your dentures thoroughly before putting them in your mouth to avoid infecting yourself with chemicals from denture cleanser solution.
  • It is advised to brush your dentures with a soft-bristled brush twice a day to keep them clean and germ-free.
  • Take care of your entire mouth by adequately cleaning your gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, and remaining natural teeth (if any) to get rid of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.
  • Don’t soak dentures with parts made of metal in bleaching products, as chlorine solutions can corrode the metal and weaken the dentures.
  • Avoid using hot water on dentures as they have a warping effect.
  • Visit a Dentist in Plantation, Hollywood & Tamarac FL for regular dental checkups to ensure professional examination and cleaning of dentures.
  • In case of loose dentures, you are advised to immediately contact your dentist as loose dentures can cause infection, sores, and irritation in the gums.
  • It is advised to change your dentures every 10 years.


Myth about dentures

Various myths are associated with dentures. Some of them are listed below:

  • People may find out if someone is wearing dentures – Dentures are not highlighted these days. They are made of material that looks similar to natural teeth. So, it is difficult to tell if anyone is wearing dentures or has natural teeth. And if you think that your dentures are visible, pay a visit to your dentist with this problem.
  • It is difficult to eat while having dentures on – Initially, dentists advise you not to eat food that can create abrasion on your dentures as it can damage the dentures. But with time, you are allowed to eat whatever kind of food you want.
  • It is a lifetime solution – Dentures are supposed to be taken care of, or else they won’t last for a longer period of time. Also, it is advised to change the dentures every 10 years as they may loosen up or wear down and may not provide proper functioning after some time.
  • Dentures don’t need much care –  Even though dentures are artificial teeth, they work exactly like your natural teeth and need to be taken care of in a way similar to your natural teeth.
  • Dentures can be repaired by self – It is advised never to repair dentures by yourself. Trying to fix the dentures on your gums by yourself may damage the dentures and the gums both. So, it is necessary to take the help of a professional dentist in such cases.
  • You don’t need to visit the dentist anymore – Your oral health includes tissues, gums, and tongue other than your teeth. It is necessary to ensure that all of them are being taken care of to maintain your oral health.


Costing of dentures Reliable Dentures

The cost of dentures depends on various factors such as types of dentures, the material used, the number of teeth to be replaced, and the process used to make the dentures. A low-quality complete denture set costs up to $1000. The cost of partial dentures depends on the number of teeth to be replaced. 



Dentures can positively solve missing teeth problems, and some reliable dentures providing dental services are available at Ideal Smiles Dental Care. They provide functioning and comfortable plantation dentures which fit your mouth to help you preserve oral hygiene and maintain a beautiful smile that you can be proud of.